Planned Parenthood’s Stocking Stuffers-Tickets to Hell

Every year Planned Parenthood’s (PP) disdain for Christ and the celebration of His birth comes slithering forth. As discomforting as this is to those of us who are preparing to welcome the Christ Child, we are obligated to expose it so that those who are uninformed can get involved in opposing it. Beneath PP’s rhetoric, there is death and destruction of every kind waiting for those who say yes to Planned Parenthood’s version of the Christmas spirit.

The tiresome but ever present “Choice on Earth” project, a twisted perversion of “Peace on Earth,” is but one example of Planned Parenthood’s deadly seasonal perspective. For those who equate “Peace on Earth” with the hope that an end to violence is near, the phrase “Choice on Earth” is anathema. Planned Parenthood’s “Choice on Earth” is a free ticket to violence—violence to the smallest and most innocent among us. It is the antithesis of peace, as it represents war on the preborn, their mothers and the human family. This is PP’s “gift” at this very special time of year.
Planned Parenthood’s latest innovation is the designer condom known as “Proper Attire,” one of the fruits of PP’s Condom Couture. This is another fantasy woven out of the depths of Planned Parenthood’s fascination with sexual experience. The original couture was a fashion show featuring one-of-a-kind garb made out of condoms. This designer line of condoms, including the latest designs of Keith Haring, is being promoted as “the must have accessory” for the stylish woman.
Though exceedingly banal, such creations are apparently appealing to those who have no clue what it is to be devoted to God rather than to self. I cannot tell you the depth of my personal sadness for the person who finds one of these “Proper Attire” gismos in a stocking on Christmas morning. Even coal would be preferable to Planned Parenthood’s latest invitation to unbridled sexual dalliances. The gift that keeps on giving, these latex surprises can and will result in disease, spiritual paralysis and physical death.
It is clear to me, as we approach Christmas, that the devil has won a great victory, for the forces of evil have co-opted Christmas and abused the sensibilities of believing Christians—and have done so with impunity.
You think I am exaggerating? Ask yourself the following: 
Where is the outrage from the media? Where is the fair and balanced reporting on these projects which jeopardize our children’s souls and bodies?
Where are the interviews with parents and teachers who are appalled at this egregious assault on Christ, His birthday and the solemnity of the occasion?
Where is the Christian community? How many people in your church are aware of this, have spread the word and are working to rid the community of this deadly, Godless influence?
Who do you know who is striving to make sure Congress cuts off Planned Parenthood from the federal dole?
It’s time that folks turned their disgust into positive, pro-active action. If you are reading this and wondering how you can get involved, wonder no longer. Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP) is here to help you get involved.
Advent is drawing to a close and Christmas is just a few days away. One of the greatest gifts we could give to our own families, and to the nation, is our personal promise to the Christ Child that we will not rest until Planned Parenthood’s stocking stuffers—those tickets to hell—disappear once and for all.