‘Planned Parenthood”s risky Colorado pill giveaway

"Planned Parenthood is once again putting women''s and children''s lives at risk in an attempt to make a radical political statement," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. "By distributing free packets of the so-called emergency contraceptive pill, the organization is encouraging women in the state of Colorado to take a drug that could potentially harm themselves and kill their preborn children."

Planned Parenthood of Colorado will be distributing free packets of Plan B, commonly known as emergency contraception, at clinics across the state this Friday. The pill giveaway is in protest of Gov. Bill Owens'' veto of a bill that would allow the over-the-counter sale of the drug throughout Colorado.

"Emergency contraception is a risky drug regimen that can take the life of a newly conceived baby by preventing it from implanting in the wall of its mother''s uterus," said Sedlak. "In addition, it can be dangerous to the women who take it ? especially young women. There have been no studies that show the long-term effects this pill can have on those who take it as adolescents. The bottom line is: Plan B is bad news."

According to Sedlak, Planned Parenthood will do all it can to push the envelope in order to get their point across. "This organization has proven in the past that it is willing to bend the rules no matter what the consequences may be," said Sedlak. "That is why it comes as no surprise that the group is protesting an action by the governor that will protect women from a potentially lethal drug."

American Life League is sponsoring an online petition to help eliminate the $272 million the organization receives each year in federal, state, and local tax money.

Release issued: 28 Jun 06