Planned Parenthood's New State-By-State Thrust

February 16, 2018 09:00 AM

Once again, the top headlines of this week involved the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood. PP held a conference call with the press at the beginning of the week to announce that it was launching a major campaign to ensure “protections for birth control insurance coverage and bills that expand access to abortion.” PP announced it would initially focus on 13 states (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and West Virginia) plus the District of Columbia. However, the Planned Parenthood spokesperson said the effort would expand to all 50 states “by the end of this year.”

Planned Parenthood's activity in the targeted states this week makes it obvious that this organization will seek to eliminate all legislation it doesn’t like. For example, it wants to eliminate the 72-hour waiting period for abortions in Missouri. In New Jersey, it wants to restore access to local Planned Parenthood facilities that was denied during the Christi administration. In Maine, Planned Parenthood is working for passage of a bill that would allow (some say force) nurse practitioners to provide the abortion pill for patients. In Planned Parenthood’s world, this will make abortion more accessible—and more babies will die. Planned Parenthood was particularly excited about a bill it is pushing in California that mandates that the University of California and California State University campuses be required to have the abortion pill available at the health clinic on the campus to give to students.

Again, Planned Parenthood will try to undo all restrictions on abortion and wants to expand abortion availability in every state in the nation!

In a similar vein, Planned Parenthood has filed lawsuits this week to force the Trump administration to resume funding of the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative. TPPI was started under Obama and is basically a program pushing the failed Planned Parenthood-style sex indoctrination programs in schools. The Trump administration announced last year that it will end funding by mid-2018. Now PP wants to force its operation for another two years.

In positive news this week, the Cumberland County School Board (in North Carolina) removed a Planned Parenthood sex indoctrination program from the schools after parents questioned it and a review committee recommended its removal. The program, Get Real, was only used in the district for one full year and is now gone.

As the Christian community began observance of Lent this week, abortion and Planned Parenthood took center stage in many areas. In Providence, Rhode Island, Catholic bishop Thomas J. Tobin led a pro-life 40 Days for Life rally in support of the babies. The rally took place outside of Planned Parenthood on Broad Street. According to local news reports, Tobin prayed for a “change of heart” in people who support abortion or who may be considering an abortion. He called the peaceful protest “a beautiful witness, a beautiful testament to the gift of life.”

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