Planned Parenthood’s Intoxicating Lies

Every week, when the Stop Planned Parenthood Report (STOPP Report) is issued I read it from end to end and am usually not surprised, but inspired by the commitment that Jim Sedlak, Marie Hahnenberg, Andrew Flusche and Mike Sedlak have. How else could this team report weekly on all the evil that is propagated by the Planned Parenthood henchmen and henchwomen!

But this week's report shocked me as I had no idea that Planned Parenthood was in the business of visiting bars in order to market their porn. 

The report states that Planned Parenthood of Utah and their allies are going to bars and handing out condoms as part of a campaign to prevent HIV transmission. The program is called "pub crawls" and the idea is that they are to approach customers in the bar and offer them condoms.

It does not seem to matter to them that experts report consistently that condoms may fail as much as 15 percent of the time in preventing transmission of HIV. And as our STOPP team points out, "If a 15-percent risk doesn't sound too bad, consider this: If you put one bullet in a six-shot revolver, spin the chamber, put the gun to your head and pull the trigger, the chance of killing yourself is 16.7 percent.

My summation of the problem is simply this: When Planned Parenthood's main stock in trade is the promotion and sale of porn to children as young as 5, they are clearly not concerned about the deadly consequences of their philosophy. If they were they would have already put themselves out of business.

Check out the STOPP Report yourself. You will find it a tremendous resource in your efforts to expose the gruesome underbelly of the culture of death.