Planned Parenthood’s Hatred Of Truth

Pro-lifers in Missouri are wearing the most recent Planned Parenthood attack on their efforts as a badge of courage. In case you had not heard about this Planned Parenthood silliness, let me clue you in.

Governor Blunt set up a special task force in Missouri to study the effect abortion has on women.

Planned Parenthood is concerned, calling the task force a "sham organization" and accusing the governor of stacking the task force membership with pro-life Missourians.

According to the news reports on this question, the ballot initiative that would be placed on the ballot after the task force completes its study would establish a total ban on abortion, and that is what has Planned Parenthood in an absolute frenzy.

Planned Parenthood's public relations spokesperson is crying foul before the task force has an opportunity to say a word, and this is precisely what we have grown to expect from them. They are totally dedicated to abortion on demand, totally concerned about their income from killing the babies and totally incapable of understanding why Americans are beginning to get the message about what they truly stand for. And I say, it's about time.

Governor Blunt's Task Force on the Impact of Abortion on Women convened for the first time last week. It will look at the physical and emotional difficulties aborted mothers experience. In addition it will assess the social and economic impact of abortion on these mothers. The goal of the task force is to examine the overall damage abortion has done and the terrible price mothers who have aborted their children have paid over these past 34 years.

This information will help the people of Missouri make an informed decision once the ballot initiative is approved. In other words, the process is just beginning, and already Planned Parenthood is screaming foul.

But I have to ask you, if I were a governor who really wanted to know the truth about the deleterious effect abortion has on women, would I ask someone from an organization that makes money doing abortion to tell me what was wrong with abortion? I hardly think so.

As my son might say if he were asked about this, I think Planned Parenthood should put a sock in it!