Planned Parenthood’s Aurora stealth repeats history

“We’ve seen it all before,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League, referring to the developing situation in Aurora, Illinois where Planned Parenthood is reported to have constructed a new abortion facility without following the proper procedures to obtain the required special use permit.

“In 2001 Planned Parenthood built a new abortion facility in Monrovia, California and did not follow procedures,” said Sedlak. “Local citizens filed lawsuits against the city and after a two year battle, the Planned Parenthood facility was bulldozed and turned into a parking lot. 

“This is what Aurora citizens are demanding and it’s perfectly reasonable,” concluded Sedlak. “The Aurora city council should immediately order Planned Parenthood to vacate the building and begin the process of having it torn down.”

Release issued: 27 Sep 07