Planned Parenthood’s 1 Enemy

In 1985, when an IBM executive by the name of James W. Sedlak  started Stop Planned Parenthood, I really do not think he had any idea that his realization of a need and the subsequent implementation of his idea would result in such a phenomenal success.  And yet that is exactly what has happened in the intervening 24 years.

What began as a part-time volunteer effort has today grown into not only the most effective anti-Planned Parenthood activity in the nation, but also the most effective pro-baby, pro-parenthood, pro-Christ effort that I have ever seen. And to top it all off, Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP) is and has been, for some years, an arm of American Life League.

Perhaps as a reader of my commentaries, you are unfamiliar with STOPP and Jim’s lengthy list of accomplishments. Well, to learn all about that, you need go no further than the STOPP web site:

There are reasons why STOPP has grown and flourished to the extent that it has. The most obvious among them, but perhaps the least recognized, is Sedlak’s accuracy and his ability to tie down facts in a way that is irrefutable, which is probably why Planned Parenthood has such high disregard for STOPP and all it stands for. But enough of that.

Here is a portion of the most recent Wednesday STOPP Report:

Below are PP’s latest numbers from the last two years. If you would like a full list of PP’s annual reports of the past five years, e-mail us at
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and include “PP Analysis” in the subject line.

Fiscal Year                                                   2007/08                          2006/07

INCOME ($ in Millions): 
Clinic Income                                                 $374.7                            $356.9
Government Grants and Contracts            $349.6                            $336.7
Private Contributions & Bequests              $244.9                            $258.7
Other                                                                  $68.9                               $65.5
Guttmacher Institute                                 no report                         no report

TOTAL INCOME                                          $1,038.1                         $1,017.9

EXPENSES ($ in Millions):
Medical Services                                          $635.1                             $588.3
Sexuality Education                                        $50.5                               $48.0
Public Policy                                                    $50.1                               $53.1
Services to Affiliates                                       $29.8                               $23.8
U.S. Family Planning                                     $16.6                               $16.4
International Family Planning                         $6.9                                 $7.3
Management & General                              $115.9                            $109.2
Fundraising                                                      $46.3                              $45.4
Payments to Related Organizations              $1.9                                $1.2
Guttmacher Institute                                 no report                        no report

TOTAL EXPENSES                                       $953.1                            $903.1

PROFIT ($ in Millions)                                     $85.0                            $114.8 
Calendar Year                                                   2007                               2006

Abortion Procedures                                   305,310                         289,750
Contraception, Women                           2,360,796                      2,453,909
Contraception, Men                                      102,405                           95,188
Emergency Contraception Kits               1,423,650                     1,436,846
Male Sterilizations                                             2,882                             2,913
Female Sterilizations                                           532                                618
Infertility                                                                   318                                316
Colposcopy Procedures                                46,522                           47,557
Cryotherapy Procedures                                   2,411                            3,368
HIV testing, Women                                      257,877                        203,478
HIV testing, Men                                               80,077                          67,795
HIV testing, Gender not reported                  30,519                           42,887
Primary Care                                                    21,247                           19,557
Midlife clients                                                   12,783                           11,206
Breast Exams/Breast Care                        851,232                          882,961
Pregnancy Tests                                       1,183,325                      1,097,397
Prenatal Clients                                              10,914                            11,058
LOOP/LEEP Procedures                                 2,652                              3,036
STI [sic] Procedures, Women & Men     2,994,749                      2,704,693
Other Services, Women                              114,482*                           70,484*
Other Services, Men                                    114,482*                            70,484*
Total Unduplicated Clients                     3,020,651                        3,140,540


Adoption Referrals to Other Agencies         4,912                                    2,410
Breast Exams/Breast Care                      no report                              no report
Female Sterilization Referrals                 no report                              no report
Male Sterilization Referrals                      no report                              no report

Stats to use in the PP fight

One of the many things that we like to provide our readers with are stats that you can use in the fight against PP. As we have done in the past, here are some facts that you can use in your letters to your congressmen, letters to the newspaper, internet postings or in your discussions with the people in your area. The more people who use these stats against PP, the more of an effect it really has on PP’s image, because we are informing the public on the truth behind PP.

Planned Parenthood performs 24 percent of total abortions in the United States.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America.

Planned Parenthood killed over 305,000 babies in 2007.

Abortion is one-third of Planned Parenthood’s clinic income.

One out of every four abortions is committed in a Planned Parenthood facility.

Taxpayers gave Planned Parenthood $349.6 million in 2007-2008. This is an increase of $12.9 million from 2006-2007.

In 2007-2008, Planned Parenthood put $85 million of taxpayer money right into its savings account.
Planned Parenthood has murdered over four million preborn babies.

And there you have it! The numbers everyone should have at all times in order to counter the claims that Planned Parenthood makes about caring for women, and the facts you need to expose the ugly underbelly of this behemoth that accepts millions of your tax dollars annually and is out for even more —now that its best buddy, Barack Obama, is in the White House.

In addition to these comprehensive weekly reports, STOPP has a plan for defeating Planned Parenthood,  which is based on the success rate STOPP has already achieved.
Thanks to the incredible efforts of STOPP staffer Marie Hahnenberg, there now exists a “Map Room”  where you can locate pro-life demonstrations at Planned Parenthood facilities, learn where these are located and what type of PP facility is in your area.

STOPP has much to offer the individual or the organization that is tired of losing battles. You see, STOPP has been effective in shutting down Planned Parenthood facilities across this land. While it clearly has not shut them all down, progress is being made every day.

Join the team!  Receive the Wednesday STOPP Report. Tune in and turn on, in the struggle to unmask the evil beneath that unbelievably deceptive name: Planned Parenthood.