Planned Parenthood uses Mother’s Day to push death

“I'll put this as plainly as I can,” said American Life League president Judie Brown. “Mothers give life; Planned Parenthood destroys it. The callous insensitivity of America’s leading abortion chain using Hollywood actresses and electronic greeting cards in an attempt to further the Culture of Death by seeking Mother’s Day donations is simply unspeakable.”

In a recent e-mail to Planned Parenthood supporters, pro-abortion actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Blythe Danner championed the Planned Parenthood Mother’s Day Challenge fundraiser. Paltrow and Danner suggest making a donation in honor of Mother’s Day and then, “whisper it to your baby at bedtime.” A series of traditional-looking Mother’s Day e-cards is offered to those who contribute to this effort.

“It’s disturbing that Planned Parenthood, which has aborted more than three million children over the years, has chosen Mother’s Day to further pad its multi-million dollar budget,” said Brown. “Mother’s Day salutes a lifetime of selflessness and sacrifice. Planned Parenthood’s abortions leave mothers with dead children and a lifetime of regret.”

The fundraising correspondence also takes a jab at the new South Dakota law that bans all surgical abortion, calling it part of a “growing movement to limit women’s reproductive rights.” According to Brown, the e-mail is a perfect example of Planned Parenthood’s campaign to disparage pro-life forces in an attempt to protect its multi-million dollar birth control enterprise.

“Let’s face it, Planned Parenthood is a shameless, money-hungry business that will do anything for the almighty dollar,” said Brown. “This latest stunt goes right along with Planned Parenthood’s radical agenda of pushing contraception on kids, promoting casual sex and killing preborn babies. On this Mother’s Day and beyond, mothers nationwide should do all in their power to protect their children from the dangers of Planned Parenthood.”

American Life League is inviting all who are shocked by Planned Parenthood’s tactics to sign the petition at and help eliminate the $265 million the organization receives each year in federal, state and local tax money.

Release issued: 12 May 06