Planned Parenthood, the Family, and Deception

Reviewing pro-life news this week we focus again on the attempts to discredit the revelations concerning Planned Parenthood's trafficking in baby body parts by characterizing the recently released undercover videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress as "deceptively edited." In its apparent attempt to make such a claim, CNN employed even more deception in its post-production editing of a recent interview of David Daleiden, spokesman for CMP. For more, click here.

Even while PP supporters continue to cooperate with evil and create a smokescreen, those who stand for life are seeing some victory. Ohio has become the next state in line to discontinue all funding of the abortion chain. Let's hope that the maxim often repeated at election time "As Ohio goes, so goes the country" is true.

The House is preparing to vote on a budget reconciliation which includes the removal of funding provisions presently in place for Planned Parenthood. Successful passage means the Senate will again take up the measure, and with a simple majority required on reconciliation, we may yet see a budget which includes defunding of PP cross the president’s desk. While there is little hope Obama will sign such a bill, the procedure may create a precedent for moving future defunding efforts forward.

In Rome, the ongoing Synod on the Family is bringing to light the struggle being faced within the Church's own hierarchy, fueled by what some label a progressive versus conservative agenda. Dr. Anca-Maria Cernea, doctor at the Center for Diagnosis and Treatment in Romania and a Catholic layperson, gave an astounding testimony that some say exposed the deceptive veins of thought running through the synod as it continues. The courageous testimony of Dr. Cernea may have been enough to stem the tide of deception. Let us pray!