Planned Parenthood, ‘Text4Baby’ and Hypocrisy

Guest Commentary By Kortney Blythe
I recently received a tweet that Planned Parenthood had partnered with the new Text4Baby program, “a free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health.” Anyone who signs up will receive tips and facts about the stages of pregnancy by text message each week.
So, of course, I signed up to see what kind of messages Planned Parenthood would approve of concerning prenatal development. To my surprise, after the introductory, congratulatory message, the following message was, “Your baby is growing a lot this week! Baby is now the size of a lime & can open its mouth & move its tiny hands.” The next message recommended prenatal vitamins. A few days later, a message stressed the importance of avoiding drugs, alcohol and smoking, and referred to the child as “she” instead of “it.”
Now wait a minute. Why would Planned Parenthood partner with the National Healthy Mothers, Health Babies Coalition (HMHB) on a project that admits that a preborn child has tiny hands, a mouth and a specific gender? According to PP’s own employees, a preborn person is not a baby.
If you’ve seen pictures of aborted babies, you know that the very abortions performed inside Planned Parenthood mills violently chop off limbs leaving those ‘tiny hands’ lifeless and bloody.

What about “my body, my choice”? Shouldn’t the pregnant women receiving the texts be able to imbibe whatever chemicals they want regardless of the effects on their children or mass of tissue (whatever it is with which they’re pregnant)?
Sponsoring this Text4Baby project are groups such as The March of Dimes, Johnson & Johnson, MTV and the U.S. government. Unfortunately, The March of Dimes takes the cowardly and contradictory “neutral” position on abortion. Johnson & Johnson financially supports Planned Parenthood and their evil agenda. MTV is one of the largest corporate supporters of PP. Its TV shows and public service announcements push the same immoral sexual messages. Do I even need to explain how the U.S. government fits into this equation? I’ll list a few: Decriminalizing abortion, subsidizing abortion, birth control and ineffective, so-called comprehensive sex education with taxpayer money, working with population control groups that support one-child policies and forced sterilization, etc.
The Text4Baby service is a good idea. The problem is those involved in the project are hypocrites, and their hypocrisy is not just a character flaw, it’s a fatal flaw. Either the human being in the womb is a baby, who should be protected from harmful chemicals and given the best chance at a healthy life, or he/she is not, and it’s fine to rid one’s body of such a parasite. PP knows that its reputation is plummeting with the rising number of those opposed to abortion. This partnership is simply a public relations attempt to counterbalance the public’s perception and downplay its most lucrative baby-killing business. “Look,” PP can say, “we care about babies, too!”
If PP were to be honest, its version of the program would be called “Text4Termination,” and it would look something like this:
"Welcome to Text4Termination! Planned Parenthood would be happy to remove the fetal tissue from your womb."
"This is the right choice for you. We’ll get rid of the problem pregnancy for only $500! If you’re a minority, you get the Margaret Sanger special."
"Underage and impregnated by a much older boyfriend/teacher/family member? Don’t worry, we cover up statutory rape or incest for free!"
No amount of partnering with baby-friendly organizations will change the fact that PP is the number one performer of in-utero genocide. It is utter lies and hypocrisy to claim you care about the health of children while at the same time wiping them out by the thousands.

Kortney Blythe is American Life League’s Rock for Life chapter and street team coordinator.