Planned Parenthood strategy memo reveals insecurity

“Planned Parenthood’s latest strategy document demonstrates that the organization is in a defensive posture,” said David Bereit, executive director of American Life League. “This presents an excellent opportunity for pro-life Americans to ramp up their efforts against the abortion giant, and bring an end to its deadly influence on our nation.”

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, recently sent a memo to supporters of the abortion chain outlining a “new” strategy for Planned Parenthood. According to Richards, the plan, “A Strategy for Moving Forward,” was generated as a result of her evaluation of the situation at Planned Parenthood after nine months as the organization’s new president.

“Richards’ memo was a desperate clarion call to her troops,” said Bereit. “The organization reveals that it is on the defensive, constantly re-inventing its public image in efforts to show what it is for as opposed to what it is against. This is great news for people who recognize the evil that Planned Parenthood represents.” According to Bereit, Planned Parenthood has much to defend. “Since 1973, Planned Parenthood has aborted more than three million innocent American children and scarred countless women for a lifetime. Six states have already blocked Planned Parenthood taxpayer funding and similar pieces of legislation are in the works in other states.”

Bereit said one extremely troubling point Richards presses in her memo is the need for the abortion operation to use the federal court system to propagate its radical agenda. “Planned Parenthood knows that it is not in line with mainstream America, and therefore will do anything to push its dangerous plans ? including the use of extremist judges who share the abortion organization’s deadly agenda.”

In her strategy memo, Richards specifically mentions American Life League as one of Planned Parenthood’s chief foes. “She’s got that right," said Bereit. “American Life League has been fighting Planned Parenthood for three decades and will not stop until Planned Parenthood is kicked out of our schools, stops getting taxpayer money, and ceases the killing of innocent children in the womb. It’s time for Americans to join together to reject Planned Parenthood’s deadly agenda.”

Bereit invites people who want to curtail the flow of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood to sign American Life League’s online petition.

Release issued: 26 Oct 06