Planned Parenthood shows its true colors

Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League, has issued the following statement regarding National Condom Week:


For the past week, Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country have celebrated National Condom Week by encouraging young people, especially college students, to explore various types of sexual activity.


On the west coast, Planned Parenthood Golden Gate in San Francisco encouraged people to send an e-card from its site. The first line in the promotional message on the card reads: “Valentine's Day is the first day of National Condom Week, will you be covered?”

On the east coast, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C., sold “cupid condoms” and advertised them as “the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweethearts.” Note the implication of multiple sexual partners.

Perhaps the most outrageous sex promotion was organized by the Planned Parenthood VOX chapter at Tufts University in Massachusetts. On Valentine’s Day, this group ran a sex fair which was decorated with “phallic balloons,” “condom roses,” and “vulva wishing tree.” Students were encouraged to mark on a map of the world the locations where they had sex and a similar map asked students, “Where have you touched yourself at Tufts?”

Booths throughout the Tufts sex fair included several games including “a [phallic] ring toss and a station for students to decorate suggestively-shaped cookies.” Several outside groups ran booths, including representatives from a local sex shop.

That Planned Parenthood would run events celebrating sex is not unexpected, as its stated main goal for the first 25 years of this century is to ensure that sex is celebrated. But the events of the past week demonstrate the utter perversity into which Planned Parenthood has sunk. That this organization would get any taxpayer money to spread its filth is an outrage. That it would be attempting, in this session of Congress, to more than double its taxpayer funding is criminal. We call on all citizens to sign the petition at and to do everything possible to cut off government funds to Planned Parenthood.


Release issued: 21 Feb 07