Planned Parenthood seeks cash for S.D. battle

June 5, 2006 09:00 AM

"I have to assume that Planned Parenthood's South Dakota affiliate can't raise a nickel in its own backyard," said American Life League president Judie Brown. "Why else would it be necessary for that affiliate's president to fly to Washington, D.C., to ask for money?

"We have been told repeatedly that the looming referendum fight over the law that bans surgical and medical abortion is a South Dakota battle. Washington is obviously not in South Dakota," said Mrs. Brown. "Is Planned Parenthood so desperate for cash to fund its effort to overturn this law that it is going outside South Dakota's borders in a blatant search for folks with lots of money? It's no secret that Planned Parenthood had a hard time rounding up signatures for its petition. South Dakotans just don't support this organization, which runs America's largest chain of abortion facilities. Abortion is not a South Dakota value, and neither is buying an election."

"There's a showdown against abortion rights in South Dakota," proclaims the ad for the June 21 fundraiser at a Washington tavern. Versions of the ad appear online and in an e-mail message sent to Planned Parenthood supporters. The ad, set in "Old West" style, notes that Sarah Stoesz of the South Dakota Planned Parenthood affiliate is an "honored guest." The ad hints that South Dakotans are a backward lot, stuck somewhere in the 19th century. It features an Annie Oakley-type character with a Western hat, a fringe jacket and a pistol.

"Planned Parenthood also seems oblivious to the fact that one just can't parade down the streets of the nation's capital with a six-gun," said Mrs. Brown. "First of all, it's quite illegal. But why would supposedly peaceful advocates of 'freedom of choice' depict an armed woman as their heroine? The implications are frightening."

Release issued: 5 Jun 06

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