Planned Parenthood promotes promiscuity, EC

“In a brazen move to promote sexual activity, many Planned Parenthood affiliates across the country will be giving away the potentially lethal Plan B ‘emergency contraceptive’ kits to anyone who comes to their facilities this coming Wednesday in an event called ‘Free EC Day,’” said Jim Sedlak, president of American Life League. “Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood is relentless in the goal of selling sex to young people.”

The tactless promotional giveaway is being touted on the abortion chain’s web site as a way to “take control of your reproductive health.” According to Sedlak, Planned Parenthood fails to reveal the entire truth about the dangers of the drug. “The bottom line is, Plan B can kill,” said Sedlak.

“This drug can be dangerous for women and deadly for preborn children and should have never been approved by the FDA.” Sedlak said American Life League opposes the pill because one of the mechanisms for use is the hardening of the uterine wall, which can kill a newly formed human being by preventing the embryo from implanting in its mother’s womb.

“Planned Parenthood will do all it can to attract repeat customers because Plan B is a cash cow,” said Sedlak. Reports show that Planned Parenthood has an arrangement with Barr Pharmaceutical that allows Planned Parenthood to purchase each Plan B kit for $4.25. A survey of the organization’s affiliates shows the average price Planned Parenthood charges for each kit is between $25 and $30.

“The math makes sense,” said Sedlak. “If Planned Parenthood can sell an additional Plan B kit to one of every six people who come for the free kit, all costs are covered.

“Planned Parenthood likes to portray itself as a healthcare organization, but the fact is that it is just a sex retailer,” said Sedlak. “This latest gimmick is simply an attempt to drive up customer traffic, kick-start the sale of Plan B, and make lots of money in the process. The American public needs to stand up to Planned Parenthood and let them know: we aren’t buying!”

Release issued: 4 Dec 06