Planned Parenthood Profanity

Observing Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the world’s leading authority on debauchery, is a never-ending revelation to those who love God and worship His divine plan by striving to restore moral sanity to the world in which we live. 

Most recently, during the 40 Days for Life public witness in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we caught another glimpse of the world according to Satan. Right there in broad daylight for all to see is a sign on the façade of the local Planned Parenthood facility that reads “Planning for Parenthood is Sacred Work.” The two-fold message of the sign is chilling. First, abortion is a “sacred practice.” Second, the only “sacred” plan for bearing children is that which panders to sexual satisfaction first and foremost.

These two modes of pursuing such a twisted version of what is sacred are straight out of Hades. If you don’t believe it, think about these facts. 

Abortionist Patricia Baird-Windle once said, “Abortion is a major blessing, and a sacrament in the hands of women. … At the very crucible of the sacrament of abortion work is that some women have an abortion out of love for the baby, [some] out of love for the children they already have and are having a hard time feeding.”

Then there is Sarah Bryant, the 80-year-old wife of a funeral director, who was recently honored by North Carolina’s Planned Parenthood of Charlotte for her work to “prevent teenage pregnancies.” Promoting abortion for both married and unmarried members of her community, Bryant stated, “Have the babies you want, but be sure you want the babies you have.” This attitude illustrates the sick fact that preborn babies are treated as if they are inconsequential possessions to be thrown away at whim. 

Writing about Bryant’s award and her history, Stop Planned Parenthood International’s director Rita Diller reports that the article extolling Bryant’s saintly activities in the community

highlights the case of the pregnant ten-year-old girl. “It was a tragic story, and that was a powerful moment for me,” Bryant says. “That was a case when terminating a pregnancy was reasonable.” 

While Bryant makes no mention of the fact that it was child sex abuse that was responsible for this pregnancy—not lack of sex education or contraceptives—she uses the child’s misfortune to attempt to make the case for abortion rather than making a case for stopping child sex abuse.

Bryant also opines that she “had” to refer a young wife who was sending her husband through graduate school to a private clinic because of a suspected unwanted pregnancy, presumably before Planned Parenthood opened its first facility in Charlotte in 1971.

Speaking of the “sacred,” imagine the situation in Hampden, Maryland where the Respect Life Committee of St. Thomas Aquinas Church was banned from a recent Hampdenfest celebration in the town while Planned Parenthood was welcomed with open arms. Deacon Montalto of the Respect Life Committee called it a shame that “pro-abort people get hysterical every time we try to show what fetal development is about.” 

The deacon is correct. Pro-abort people are in the business of worshipping false gods. There is no room in their world for truth. Anything that brings sanity to the discussion about the preborn child’s human rights sends these devotees of iniquity into outer space! Debasing the truly sacred is their only defense.

Below are some actions you can take to be a voice for preborn babies:

Help defend Deacon Montalto and the Respect Life Committee: Contact the Hampden Community Council at
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. Ask what is being done to rectify the situation in which all faith-based groups have been banned from Hampdenfest while the nation’s largest abortion chain is welcome.

Get involved with 40 Days for Life and make a difference by providing public witness to the truth of what is actually sacred and deserving of respect based on the dignity of every individual human being.

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