Planned Parenthood material rejected by prison

“The directors of our prisons obviously have more common sense than some educators of our children,” said American Life League vice president Jim Sedlak. A state prison in Washington refused to deliver a recent American Life League mailing, which referenced a Planned Parenthood endorsed sex education book aimed at children ages 10 and up.

The mailing, sent as part of American Life League's ongoing educational efforts to individuals across the country, contained censored pornographic images from the children's sex education book that the vice president of education for Planned Parenthood described as “a boon for kids, their parents, and their teachers,” while calling the illustrations “delightful.”

“This was really offensive material intended by Planned Parenthood to be seen by children,” said Sedlak. “The actual material-which features pornographic drawings of naked people and various sex acts-was too obscene to send to our readers, so we altered the drawings so that the genitals were not clearly visible. Still, the message was clear.”

Sedlak said that although the material is defended by many educators and sex education experts, officials at the Department of Corrections’ Stafford Street Corrections Center in Aberdeen, Washington clearly understood the offensive nature of the Planned Parenthood endorsed material. A letter that contained this information, which was addressed to an inmate at that facility, was returned to American Life League’s offices along with a mail rejection form.

“The form stated that the material was rejected because it was considered ‘obscene or sexually explicit material as defined in policy,’” said Sedlak. “It is a sad comment that material that is rightfully considered too obscene for criminals is freely distributed to our children. We’re renewing our call for parents and all Americans to get Planned Parenthood out of our schools. If the material it promotes is not okay for convicts, it clearly is not acceptable for our children.”

Release issued: 8 Aug 07