Planned Parenthood Loves Abortion More Than It Does Its Customers

April 6, 2018 09:00 AM

In March 2017, news agencies reported that President Trump offered Planned Parenthood an informal proposal—keep your annual federal reimbursements to the tune of $500 million if you stop doing abortions.  Planned Parenthood balked.


This story of "bribery" has been resurrected as Planned Parenthood’s exiting president, Cecile Richards, travels the country promoting her new book. 


If abortion is just three percent of services, as Planned Parenthood claims, then dropping what appears to be a seldom-used service to protect its government funding would be a no-brainer. Think of the millions of customers who rely on your other "healthcare" services. Why risk cutting them off for something that is only, after all, just three percent?

Ironically, the very reason Planned Parenthood downplays abortion as three percent of services is to protect its government funding. By giving the impression that killing kids isn’t much of what it does, Planned Parenthood can smokescreen Congress into covering the cost for its 97 percent of other services it provides to low-income customers.

The truth is that Planned Parenthood’s three percent service is necessary for its survival. Killing preborn children is half of its non-government income. It generates revenue of $150 million annually. Is NARAL unintentionally exposing Planned Parenthood’s farce when it sent out this tweet?


“Abortion for millions"?

Suddenly abortion doesn’t sound like three percent anymore, if millions of mothers are looking to get one.

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