Planned Parenthood Losing at the Synod

Washington, DC—“The fact that Planned Parenthood is an enemy of the Catholic Church is being made clearer with each passing day of the synod in Rome,” said Judie Brown, president of American Life League.

Although transcripts of individual presentations at the synod are not being made public, the Vatican Information Service is releasing a summary of what was discussed at each of the sessions.

“Those summaries are painting a clear picture of a synod that has no intention of kowtowing to Planned Parenthood’s philosophies,” Brown continued. “Instead, it is clear that the Church’s teachings on abortion, contraception, and pre-marital sex are being reinforced.”

Jim Sedlak, vice president of ALL, cited a couple of examples:

In one session last week, it was reported: “With regard to children, the negative impact of contraception on society and resulting decline in the birth rate was underlined. It was remarked that Catholics should not remain silent in relation to this issue, but should instead bring a message of hope: Children are important, they bring life and joy to their parents, and they reinforce faith and religious practices.” This sentiment flies in the face of Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive mentality and population control philosophy.

In another session, Planned Parenthood’s worst fears were realized as the synod reflected on the need for “an invitation to the faithful to deepen their knowledge of Paul VI’s encyclical, Humanae Vitae, thus better understanding the meaning of the use of natural methods of fertility control and the non-acceptance of contraception.”

“As our campaign to have Planned Parenthood declared an enemy of the Church gains momentum, we are heartened by the discussion at the synod,” Brown concluded.

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American Life League was co-founded in 1979 by Judie Brown, a three-time appointee to the Pontifical Academy for Life. ALL is the oldest national Catholic pro-life education and advocacy organization in the United States. For more information, please visit or call 540-659-4171.