Planned Parenthood “Life Saver” Ads Target Lawmakers; Networks Reject Pro-Life Response

(Washington, DC) – Planned Parenthood, with over $1billion in annual revenues, targeted DC lawmakers with a $200,000 advertising blitz aimed at keeping a hold on $363 million in federal and local taxpayer subsidies during this national debt crisis.  The polished advertisements promote the story of a woman who “wouldn’t be here today” without Planned Parenthood.  The ads do not mention that the group is the nation’s number 1 marketer of abortions.   American Life League (ALL) tried to respond with its popular “Planned Parenthood Bunnies” video but local DC affiliates of NBC and CBS—NBC4 and USA9—both rejected the pro-life response on legal grounds that ALL must “prove” that Planned Parenthood puts babies in blenders. 

“Even with growing distaste for the reality of abortion, Planned Parenthood posted record sales of abortions every year for 15 years, topping 330,000 in 2009.  That’s almost 1,000 per day,“ said Jim Sedlak, vice president at American Life League.  “Abortion is a core product of its business.  If it is a life-saving organization, McDonalds is a salad bar.”  ALL says the Planned Parenthood ads are ironic if not outright deceptive and local TV network affiliates “legalistically” demanding proof of what is an obvious analogy shows liberal bias is not confined to news departments.

Referring to the famous “This Is Your Brain on Drugs” 1980s anti-drug commercial, Michael Hichborn, a lead researcher with ALL, put it this way:  “The Partnership for a Drug-Free America never had to prove that drugs turn the human brain into a chicken egg in a frying pan and Energizer has yet to prove that rabbits play drums.” ALL’s Planned Parenthood Bunnies video avoids graphic images and reached YouTube’s Top 10 most discussed nonprofit and activism videos soon after release.

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