Planned Parenthood Hates This Quote from Its Founder

The abortion-friendly media has been working overtime covering the debate regarding whether memorials connected to white supremacy, slavery, or the Confederacy ought to be abolished. The men who fought in the Confederacy are long dead, yet there are a few who demand that anything even remotely connected to those individuals be wiped off the map.

Let’s not forget another more recent historical fact from the 20th century—the founding of Planned Parenthood by the eugenicist Margaret Sanger. While her memorials remain undisturbed in Washington, D.C. and New York, keep in mind Sanger’s history. Consider why there’s no rallying cry by the champions of abortion and birth control to deconstruct the organization she spawned. 

In Sanger’s own words from her autobiography:


Share this image on your social media accounts. Remind your followers how Planned Parenthood got its start. Maybe then we’ll see a demand for the abolition of an organization whose founder enthusiastically sought company with white supremacists.