Andrew Flusche: "Planned Parenthood always claims patient
confidentiality. But it's really focused on secrecy.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. (28 March 2008) – American Life League blasted Planned Parenthood’s attempt to withhold potentially incriminating records in the case of an abortion performed on a minor as secretive and suspicious. The Ohio State Supreme Court is reconsidering whether to allow the parents of a 14-year old, who got an abortion without their consent, to review records involving abortions performed on other minors.  

"It's outrageous for Planned Parenthood to argue that routine business records are not pertinent to a lawsuit it is currently defending," said Andrew Flusche, staff attorney for American Life League.  "If a plaintiff sues a company about an activity, previous records about that same activity are routinely used in court."

Among the charges in the lawsuit, filed in 2005, Planned Parenthood is accused of performing an unlawful abortion on a minor by failing to obtain parental consent, failure to obtain informed consent from the girl and failure to report suspected child abuse. The parents of the child are seeking statistical data, not names, that may indicate wider violations.

"Planned Parenthood always claims patient confidentiality.  But it's really focused on secrecy," said Flusche. "The requested business records would be redacted of any identifying information, so no patient privacy would be breached. But Planned Parenthood is obviously afraid that something negative will come to light." 

Flusche added, "Honest people typically answer questions quickly and completely.  If Planned Parenthood has nothing to hide, then they have nothing to fear by releasing those documents."

The Ohio case is the latest incident involving Planned Parenthood where instances of child abuse or statutory rape went unreported.  In 2002, Life Dynamics exposed Planned Parenthood’s willingness to cover up statutory rape by legally recording over 800 phone conversations with Planned Parenthood representatives who told an actress posing as a 13 year old girl not to tell them she became pregnant by her 22 year old boyfriend. Just last year, student reporter Lila Rose exposed that Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles was willing to cover up statutory rape by posing as a pregnant 15 year old girl whose boyfriend was 22. The Planned Parenthood staffer told Lila to make up a date of birth so no record of statutory rape could be made.

"The Ohio Supreme Court obviously sees the importance of protecting our children from predators," concluded Flusche. "Surely the court will provide a just ruling and require Planned Parenthood to release its business records."

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