Plan B + Planned Death

Abortion cheerleaders continue denying that the morning after pill regimen, PLAN B, aborts, even though one of the pill's biggest proponents, Dr. James Trussell, has defined it as a chemical that can interfere with the lining of the womb, thus making it impossible for the embryonic child to implant. In response to the question, Does Plan B really 'prevent pregnancy' we know specifically that the answer is no! Pregnancy begins when a human being begins, so this pill can work to END pregnancy, not prevent it.

But what is most discouraging about this pill and its political progress is not the deception coming from the abortion lobby, but the silence emanating from the White House and specifically large national right to life organizations.

The Food and Drug Administration is potentially within days of approving this dangerous compound for "over-the-counter" (OTC) status. In a radio debate I did recently with a representative of the FDA, the rep said that a pharmacist would have to have proof of age before he could give the pill out as only those age 18 or older are supposed to be allowed to have it. But … how careful will pharmacists be? And what does it matter when we know that the pill can abort a human being?

Now is the time for all pro-life groups to demand that the president of the United States use his executive power to stop this dreadful scenario from playing out. Why pander to the culture of death by remaining silent? Why deny your own stated principles by doing nothing?

Please join me in communicating the urgency of stopping Plan B over-the-counter distribution by contacting the Bush White House:
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. Then drop a line to the National Right to Life Committee and ask them to urge the president as well:
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