Plan B Gone

Isn't it about time that everybody who can read English understand the meaning of words and get their story right when it comes to explaining how the morning after abortion pill actually works?

Due to a recent conversation which a member of my staff had with someone at the Connecticut Catholic Conference, I just want to help everyone see that no matter how you cut it, Plan B kills.

I invite you to visit the Duramed web site.  Duramed is the manufacturer of Plan B, and on the catcy website Go 2 Plan B we read the facts:

Plan B works like a regular birth control pill. It prevents pregnancy mainly by stopping the release of an egg from the ovary, and may also prevent the fertilization of an egg (the uniting of sperm with the egg). Plan B may also work by preventing it from attaching to the uterus (womb). It is important to know that Plan B will not affect a fertilized egg already attached to the uterus; it will not affect an existing pregnancy.

Read this paragraph very carefully, and note that the manufacturer first tells the reader that "Plan B may also work by preventing it from attaching to the uterus."

What they will not state is that "it" is actually a human embryonic being who will die if he does not have the opportunity to attach himself to his mother's womb. Duramed, you see, draws a fine line between what is and is not, in their opinion, an actual human being.

So when they say that the pill will "not affect an existing pregnancy," they are deceiving the public. They are lying. They are denying the existence of a human being during his first week of life.

And if that is not bad enough, on that same web site you will also read this just two paragraphs later:

Remember that Plan B is not RU-486 (the abortion pill). Because Plan B is used to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, it will not work if you’re already pregnant. If you take Plan B and are already pregnant, it will not affect your existing pregnancy.

While it is true that Plan B is not RU-486 it is also true that Plan B is an abortion pill as well. It does work if you are already pregnant; it does so by killing your preborn baby during his first week of life.

Lie all they want, but they cannot change biology though they certainly have changed the way far too many people define abortion. Please help me correct such erroneous thinking.

Thank you!