Personhood Now: Persistence Pays In Colorado

When Colorado pro-life folks decided to pursue human personhood four years ago, everybody who was anybody in pro-life political circles either panned the idea, saying the time was not right, or publicly argued that it wasn’t prudent to talk about preborn babies as persons because America wasn’t ready to hear the message. All gobbledygook to be sure!

For those of us who know that the battle to end the killing of the innocent can never be won through court cases or political/legislative efforts, human personhood is the only game in town. By talking about it, providing education and focusing on the child as someone whose human rights are being violated every time one of them is murdered chemically, medically, surgically or through human embryonic stem cell research, we are convincing more and more people that abortion is not an issue but, rather, a deadly act.

That is why American Life League has been talking about human personhood for more than 31 years.

And now strong, dedicated, young, aggressive pro-life leaders, like Keith Mason and Gualberto Garcia Jones from the Colorado team, are doing likewise. For them and their legion of volunteers, the past four years in Colorado have been a time of testing, honing and now possibly achieving the first-ever state human personhood amendment to a state constitution.  

The excitement is electric!

How did this happen? These young men, and their fellow champions Cal Zastrow and Rev. Walter Hoye, have dedicated their lives to the truth that every single human being is a person from his biological beginning. Therefore each of these people logically deserves to have his rights protected by society and by the law. Through their single-minded efforts to teach, preach and literally walk the streets of Colorado, they have converted many, including a number of candidates who won their primary elections—in upsets we might add.

Having already said that we cannot achieve an end to the gruesome slaughter of innocents through political channels, you may think the above is contradictory. You would be wrong.

Had it not been for the sacrificial efforts of Garcia Jones, Mason and many others in Colorado over the past four years, hoeing the ground, planting seeds, spreading the word and focusing NOT on abortion but on who exists at the moment of creation—whether it occurs in a petri dish or a mother’s body—none of these candidates would have noticed this little known movement we call PERSONHOOD NOW!

Now that there are capable men in the public eye who have defied the odds and can speak clearly about Amendment 62, it is the responsibility of those of us who strive to convert the culture to step up our activities in the educational arena, and to do so with gusto, with financial support and with a whole lot of spiritual intercessory prayer.

It is my hope that you will join in these efforts no matter where you live. Time is of the essence and Personhood Colorado needs our support.

And lest we forget, the soul of this nation needs conversion! Through this human personhood message, each of us can offer all we do to God, hoping for a spiritual renewal in America.

Let’s face it, there are too many in the so-called pro-life political movement who have acknowledged long ago that the best way to be a foot stool for the GOP is to keep abortion around, nibbling at the outer edges in order to give an appearance of victory while carrying on with politics as usual.

That has got to end, and now we have the potential of turning such defeatism and despair into heroic action for human rights.

Come and join us! It will be a great experience because win, lose or draw, the Lord is in charge and we are blessed to be serving Him.

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