Person or blob?

Perhaps you missed the news report regarding the tragic death of of Bobbie Jo Stinnet in December of 2004. Lisa Montgomery strangled Bobbie Jo and then used a kitchen knife to cut her womb open and remove her baby so that Montgomery could have a baby she was unable to carry herself.
Sounds gruesome, doesn't it? The case has now come to the attention of the Missouri media, not because the acts were heinous, but because a judge has made a declaration that contradicts Roe v. Wade.
The baby lived, praise God, and is doing well. The judge was asked to discount, however, the charge of kidnapping brought against Montgomery because, defense lawyers argue, the baby was not a person at the point in her life when she was violently removed from her mother's womb.
The judge begs to differ. He recommended that the trial judge strike defense motions based on that argument because indeed that baby is a person. The Associated Press reported it this way:



Defense attorneys for Montgomery argued earlier this year that if the baby were defined as a fetus under the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, then Stinnett's death could not have been the result of a kidnapping — a crime that requires the victim to be a person.


Of course the trial, which begins in a few weeks, may or may not address this further, but it is very important to note that at least one judge has seen through the flaws in the Roe v. Wade decision and has pronounced that a child living in her mother's womb is indeed a legal person.

I know I sound like a broken record on this topic of personhoood, but let's face it, if the entire pro-life movement cannot unite behind the only reliable principle that will ultimately end abortion, then perhaps it should simply surrender to the culture of death. Personhood now!