Pawns In Ireland’s Abortion Battle

A 17-year-old girl known as Miss D is at the center of a pro-abortion campaign at the moment. This young woman is with child, and she has been told that her baby has a very serious brain deformity known as anencephaly and that the child will not live longer than three days outside the womb.

The Irish counterpart to America's state-run health services, kknown as the Health Service Executive, has been caring for the young mother since March and they have asked police to step in and prevent her from travelling to Britain to obtain an abortion.  

The girl's lawyer alleges that the government is "forcing her" to have her baby. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Creating the notion that those who respect life are evil and inhumane contributes to the efforts of pro-abortion forces to win over public sentiment. 

The girl's attorney told a court that "Miss D" would suffer mental and physical trauma and great discomfort if she carries her child to term. He insisted that the young woman would only accept her baby and carry it to term if she lost the court battle. How many 17-year-olds do you know who could think so clearly? One has to wonder who is coaching her.

What I find so sad in this report is that once again the disabled have become a tool for the culture of death, attempting to drive a wedge between a mother and her child because the baby is allegedly not going to survive due to his condition.

What this family needs is prayers, not a direct act of killing.