Painfully putrid

Yes it's me again on the subject of fetal pain. How "shocking" to read in USA Today that two of the authors of the recent and much publicized "fetal pain" study have ties to the abortion industry! Surprise, surprise.

The lead author of the study, Susan J. Lee, is an attorney and before she entered medical school, it seems she worked for the National Abortion Rights Action League. And a second author, Eleanor Drey, is the medical director of the "Womens Options Center" which just so happens to be an abortion mill.

Now come on! Doesn't the Journal for the American Medical Association ever check on those who submit articles to their prestigious publication? Or do the rules change when a so-called right to abortion is perceived to be at stake?

Shame, shame on JAMA's editor, Catherine DeAngelis, who tells the media she is a devout Catholic! Huh?

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