Out Of The Darkness

 My regular blog entries share a wide variety of problems, but occasionally we attempt to focus your attention on all the good news that is happening in the circle of friends we commonly refer to as our fellow pro-lifers who strive to live the pro-life life. So it is fitting today that I take you for a walk through the American Life League web site. In that regard, I would be remiss if I did not share with you the exciting news about our powerful four-minute DVD, BabySteps!

Take a look at our latest ALL Report on the subject and hold your breath as you meet the child whose face is saving preborn children around the world.

As thousands of these discs go out the front door of American Life League, children are smiling from the womb because everybody is getting a good look at who it is we are talking about, and that warms my heart, as it should yours.

We have video stories that change constantly. In each of these stories, pro-lifers share their dreams, their experiences and their stories in order to inspire others to do likewise: Get off the bench and get into the pro-life game! After all, it is the most exciting thing going on in our world today!

While you visit our site, you can catch up on the daily news, read what our crackerjack staffers have to say on a wide variety of topics, learn more about the struggle to deflate the overblown entity commonly known as Planned Parenthood and otherwise fill your pro-life arsenal with the facts you need to be the best spokesperson the preborn and the vulnerable have ever had.

Whether it’s Dwain Currier writing about the horror of what Planned Parenthood is foisting on 11-year-olds or Katie Walker explaining why it’s time for youth to speak out, our “Current Events Blog” will get you going and help you understand who our enemies are, but most importantly, who the pro-lifers are who are changing the way our culture views the human person’s dignity.

I am particularly high on American Life League’s young, devout, dedicated and delightful staff and cannot wait for you to catch the vision as well. Clearly you are already at least somewhat in tune with our efforts or you would not be reading this, so why not take the time to immerse yourself in American Life League’s treasure – the people who spend every day living their pro-life life – so that you and I can join them by following their example? Oh, yeah! Me too! At 64, I have to keep coming back to see those smiling faces and the zeal that has always set apart whatever we do. Praise God for youth, grace and the ability to devote one’s life to good!