Optional Criminal Reporting? What Else Is New?

When a federal appeals court dismissed a case involving whether abortionists had to report suspicion of sexual abuse in Kansas, my mouth dropped open even wider than it usually is due to my larger than life tone.
While it is true that Kansas law requires health care professionals and others to report suspicion of child abuse, it is equally true that in the particular case at hand, Judge Thomas Marten ruled that abortion clinics need not report all suspected cases to the authorities and left the reporting of such suspicions as a matter of discretion.
What does this mean? Young girls who are violated sexually by predators are now to be left to their own devices because the abortionist who is engaged to kill a child, even if he knows that the expectant mother's baby's father is over age, does not have to report the fact that a crime could have been committed. The ramifications of such a ruling are mind boggling.
I had always thought, and still do, that the culture of death would move into an era when no innocent human being's life would be safe. After all, when the government can lie about how the pill works and get away with it, condone the wholesale murder of preborn children by surgical means for any reason under the sun and turn a blind eye to starving people to death because of the condition they are in, what should we expect.
The fact that our children are not now going to protected from sexual deviants and predators should not shock anyone, but it did astound me. Why? Because I have always wondered just how far America would have to sink into the abyss designed by Satan himself before we wake up and turn the tide back toward Christ and His truth.  Apparently that time is still eons away, and that frightens me, saddens me and presses me to ask you to join me in continued prayer for our families, our Church and our nation.
The Philistines are ruling the land; no good will come of this.