One Step For Death, Two Steps For Lies

My, oh my, how evil can you get? Now we have a chemical abortion pill approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that is available—thanks to the powers that be—by prescription to young girls under age 17, and over the counter to girls 17 and older. The new pill is designed to make it easier—or so they say—to solve the problem of “unprotected sex.”

The pill, known as Plan B One-Step, was hailed by Planned Parenthood, which commented,

We all like to be prepared. That is why it's a great idea to keep some Plan B in your medicine cabinet or bedside table in case of an accident. Having the morning after pill on hand will let you take it as soon as possible after unprotected intercourse, when it is most effective. If you are younger than 17, you can ask your health care provider for a prescription that you can fill ahead of time.

Obviously, Planned Parenthood is always elated when a new deadly chemical is added to its arsenal. But, as usual, it denies the facts by making specious claims, such as its comment that Plan B One-Step will work to prevent pregnancy. Not once has it admitted that such chemicals can end the life of a preborn child, whose life begins at fertilization, not implantation!

The Plan B One-Step web site further complicates the matter by telling the visitor, “Plan B One-Step is not an abortion pill. It won’t work if you’re already pregnant. If you take Plan B One-Step and are already pregnant, it will not affect your existing pregnancy.“

Note the clever use of the word “existing,” which is supposed to convince the unsuspecting female that if a baby is going to be procreated, this pill will not affect that baby. Scientific evidence, however, is not in agreement. Neither is the Plan B One-Step web site, if you read between the lines. 

Simply by going to the “prescribers” section of the same web site, we found this: 


There are many misconceptions about emergency contraception, so it’s important for your patients to know that Plan B One-Step works similar to regular birth control pills; it simply contains a larger dose of the hormone levonorgestrel. Plan B One-Step works primarily by:

  • Preventing ovulation
  • Possibly preventing fertilization by altering tubal transport of sperm and/or egg
  • Altering the endometrium, which may inhibit implantation

Plan B One-Step is not effective once the process of implantation has begun. It will not affect an existing pregnancy or harm a developing fetus.

Plan B One-Step should be taken as soon as possible. When taken as directed, approximately seven out of eight women who would have gotten pregnant will not become pregnant after taking Plan B One-Step.

For those who have not studied the role that the endometrium plays in the ability of the preborn child to implant in his mother’s womb and continue receiving the nourishment he requires, it should be noted that if the endometrium is altered, that baby may not be able to implant at all and he will subsequently die. This fact, based on science rather than sinister sidestepping, is not addressed anywhere on the web site.

According to the human embryology


textbook, The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, 6th Edition, by Moore and Persaud (page  532), 


Postcoital birth control pills? Ovarian hormones (estrogen) taken in large doses within 72 hours after sexual intercourse usually prevent implantation of the blastocyst, probably by altering tubal motility, interfering with corpus luteum function, or causing abnormal changes in the endometrium. These hormones prevent implantation, not fertilization. Consequently, they should not be called contraceptive pills. Conception occurs but the blastocyst does not implant. It would be more appropriate to call them "contra-implantation pills." Because the term abortion refers to a premature stoppage of a pregnancy, the term abortion could be applied to such an early termination of pregnancy.

This statement is not a quote from a pro-life manual, but rather a textbook written by human embryology experts. And yet the folks advocating the use of this pill apparently believe they are better prepared to inform the public, based on a perspective that denies scientific facts for the sake of eliminating babies. 

Further, when the Plan B One-Step web site advises the prescriber that the pill does not affect the “process of implantation,” this is disingenuous. The preborn will have already died because he or she could not implant!

Not only that, but the idea pregnancy does not even begin until implantation, which is entrenched among culture-of-death proponents, is once again presumed to be true when it is clearly, unequivocally and patently untrue.

Stop Planned Parenthood International has been on top of this subject since day one and, in a recent media release, presented the truth in plain English: 




Planned Parenthood and the birth control industry would have you believe Plan B One-Step cannot cause an abortion. That is a lie.

In 1965, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a Terminology Bulletin that “officially” changed the definition of “conception” from the union of sperm and egg to implantation. As a result, the medical establishment does not call the killing of a human being prior to implantation an abortion. But that is just semantics.

Unfortunately, the birth control industry and Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion chain—have tricked many women into aborting their tiny children. Plan B One-Step, Plan B, the birth control pill, the IUD and other hormonal birth control products can all cause abortions. Period.

So, the next time you hear that Plan B or Plan B One-Step cannot cause an abortion, you will know the truth. Plan B products kill [babies].

For more information, visit and

To be informed is to be forewarned. It has always troubled me that so many young women are misled into believing that the solution for an “unwanted” or “unplanned” pregnancy is to ingest chemicals that could kill a baby and will cause other physical damage now or later in life. These facts are, again, denied or otherwise dismissed by culture-of-death gurus as nothing more than the ranting of fanatics.

But facts don’t stand or fall because of someone’s opinion; they can be documented. For example, John Wilks, noted educator and learned pharmacist, wrote Why This Pharmacy Does Not Dispense the Pill for Birth Regulation Reasons, in which he includes a long list of physical problems directly linked to the pill, including (but not limited to) the following: 

Cervical cancer

At least 15 scientific papers since 1988 have reported on the increased incidence of cervical cancer in pill-users. The main results from these studies are:

  • Long-term use of more than 5 years was linked to a 100% increased risk of cervical cancer.
  • Duration of pill-use beyond 12 years had the highest increased risk of 340%. (Lancet, 1994)
  • Women starting the pill at an earlier age were at an increased risk compared to those starting later.
  • The pill may be a risk factor for all the early pre-cancerous stages, as well as invasive cancer.
  • For every 100,000 women aged 20-54 who had used the pill for 8 years, there were an additional 125 cases of cervical cancer. (Schlesselman, J.J. Obstet Gynecol 1995).

Another fully documented presentation on physical side effects resulting from birth control chemicals can be found at

To my mind, there is only one reason why the pharmaceutical industry, the medical establishment and the Planned Parenthood types concur in an ongoing indoctrination campaign: money! 

Money talks, preborn people die, women suffer and the beat goes on…

One step for death, two steps for lies.