One Million Dead In Britain

The new year barely got started when Life Site News was reminding us that the gravity of the struggle continues unabated, and without much notice from the mainstream media, we might add.

For example, between 1991 and 2005, it is reported that 2,137,924 human embryos were created using the in vitro fertilization process in Britain.

Of that number, according to a UK government organization, over one million human embryonic children were killed because of their status as "waste embryos."

This is not only a further example of the horrific nature of the anti-life mentality that has so infected the west, it raises a question regarding what may be going on in the United States. I can legitimately ask this question because, according to statistics, there are 422 IVF clinics in operation in the United States and there is no mention of the research clinics in hospitals which are also part of the equation. There is no verifiable statistic on how many human embryos have become "waste" in the USA because perhaps the numbers are simply of no interest to those in charge.

It would be interesting to know how many Americans have died in IVF labs here, but perhaps the more provocative question is this: Why is it legal at all? We know the process is immoral, we know that it is contrary to God's design for the procreation of children, and yet we also know that living in a hedonistic culture produces all manner of abominations. IVF is but one of them.