Ob/gyn militia

September 16, 2005 09:00 AM

While it does not come as any surprise to me that the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has just announced their opposition to their fellow ob/gyns who voice the choice NOT to abort a child, it should cause all women pause to question such dictatorial maneuvers. Since when can the political leadership of ACOG instruct doctors on what they can and cannot do in the practice of medicine?

Members of Congress want to protect pro-life doctors who do not want to be involved in aborting children. This is why the Hyde/Weldon conscience amendment was proposed a year ago. Those members of Congress who support this amendment feel strongly that the government should NOT be telling doctors how to practice their trade, or in this case, when and where to kill people.

But ACOG has publicly stated, "Doctors who morally object to abortion should be required to refer patients to other physicians who will provide appropriate care." But that means that the pro-life doctor becomes an accomplice to murder.

To set the record straight, ACOG has been fiddling around with innocent people and their right to life for over 40 years now. It started when they wanted to prescribe the birth control pill in the mid 1960s, so they simply redefined pregnancy and pretended that no human being exists during the first seven days of pregnancy or until implantation occurs. Now they simply want all ob/gyns to agree that abortion is nothing more than a health care decision that should cause no qualms for anyone. ACOG was wrong 40 years ago; they are wrong now.

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