Obamacare to Cover Chemical Abortions: Quelle Surprise!

Gee, what a surprise!

The Institute of Medicine just returned its report to Health and Human Services that annual sex counseling, contraception, and chemical abortion be mandated as free preventive public and private healthcare in the United States. IOM is on record that it believes abortion is a health benefit to women.

“So, Planned Parenthood just launched a farcical grassroots lobbying campaign. But, HHS Secretary Sibelius obviously needs no encouragement to impose free birth control and chemical abortions throughout the healthcare industry,” said Paul E. Rondeau, director of communications for American Life League. “She helped protect Planned Parenthood from criminal prosecution in Kansas and is blackmailing Indiana trying to protect Planned Parenthood’s funding there. The so-called grassroots campaign is just theatre.”

Rondeau also says neither the timing nor the recommendation itself is any surprise. “States are defunding Planned Parenthood left and right. The media frenzy of the budget crisis was just the cover Obama needed to arrange the announcement of a predetermined conclusion that his friends at Planned Parenthood now need and always expected from an abortion addicted administration,” Rondeau added.

American Life League predicted this result in its August 2009 investigative ALL Report entitled, “Obamacare: Abortion’s Trojan Horse.” This video is still available on YouTube.

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