Obama Insults Christ and Gets Invited to Dinner?

Something rather perplexing is being planned in New York City this week. On October 18, the Al Smith Foundation will hold its annual banquet with the goal of raising funds for Catholic charities in New York City. Cardinal Timothy Dolan is officiating and personally invited President Barack Obama.

Obama, who has waged war on God, the Catholic Church, and the natural law, is the most pro-abortion president in the history of this nation—and his record validates that fact. He is the man who also vehemently supports Planned Parenthood. Lest anyone forget, Obama is the man working against the Catholic Church, attempting to mandate contraceptive insurance coverage for all Catholic institutions and Catholic companies.

Thus the question comes to mind: Why is the Al Smith Dinner featuring Obama in a year when the Church is under attack by Obama and the stakes are so high? Would it not be the better choice for Cardinal Dolan to cancel the personal invitation he extended to Obama—even at this late hour—and avoid any public perception of duplicity on the part of the Church?

After all, Dolan’s predecessor Cardinal John O’Connor did not invite Bill Clinton. And Cardinal Egan did not invite John Kerry. The precedent has been set.

Imagine the message this decision would send to the people of America—and most particularly the Catholics in this country. Where there has been confusion and doubt about exactly where the Church stands, there would be clarity. Catholic teaching would be the centerpiece of such a decision rather than political tolerance for all that contradicts Catholic teaching.

Let’s be clear. Even Al Smith might not approve. Smith, a 4-time governor of New York, was the first Catholic to run for president. Smith might choose to personally instruct the foundation to cancel the invitation once he learned that the president of the nation was opposed to religious freedom. Such a decision would protect Catholic credibility, not to mention be appreciated by Catholics across the nation.

While I have no way of channeling Smith, I do have a stake in this game. I care because, as a practicing Catholic, a pro-life leader, and a mother and grandmother, I am tired of watching the Church tolerate what we know is evil—the aborting of children—in favor of pandering to the political left.

The Catholic Church is not a political entity. The Catholic Church is not beholden to any man. The Catholic Church is the body of Christ, committed to His will, His laws, and His invitation to sacrifice everything in order to follow Him and never count the cost.

It is high time that America witnessed Catholic courage in action. Every believing Catholic has a dog in this fight and we want to see heroism. 

Cardinal Dolan, you are in our prayers. Please stand up for the Church, Your Eminence. The hour is late, but it is never too late for heroic virtue. Cancel Obama’s invitation to the Al Smith Dinner out of respect for, and in memory of, the millions of babies killed by abortion.