Numbers show Planned Parenthood not welcome

Commentary by Joey Kerlin

In 1993, when Planned Parenthood operated 922 clinics in the United States, it began a campaign with the goal of having "2,000 clinics by the year 2000". Planned Parenthood was confident that it had the support of people in communities all across the country. Clinic numbers did, in fact, begin to rise over the next couple of years, growing to 938 clinics by 1995. However, Planned Parenthood found that the communities where it was attempting to expand wanted nothing to do with it. Furthermore, the people in the communities where Planned Parenthood had already established clinics were outraged as well. All over the country Planned Parenthood was finding that it was, in fact, not welcome.

Every year since then Planned Parenthood's clinics have been closing all over the country. American Life League's Stop Planned Parenthood department has been gathering research for 21 years on the actions of Planned Parenthood and has found that its 1995 total was the highest number of clinics it ever reached. After completing this year's comprehensive research on Planned Parenthood's clinic base, American Life League has found that clinics continue to close. With 13 clinics closing in seven states this year alone, the trend of a clinic closing on average every month continues.

Planned Parenthood's operations are concentrated in only a small number of states. As of this latest survey, a large section of the country — 29 states and the District of Columbia — have only 139 Planned Parenthood clinics total; none of these states has more than nine such clinics. As much as we should praise God for these great victories we must remember that Planned Parenthood still owns and operates 858 clinics nationwide. One third of these clinics are located in three states: California, New York and Texas. Another 53 percent are found in another 17 states. To date, only one state, North Dakota, does not have an operating Planned Parenthood clinic, but even there it operates an "educational facility."

Planned Parenthood operates the largest chain of abortion facilities in America, with 231 locations. It kills over a quarter of a million children every year through medical and surgical abortions. In addition, every single one of the 858 clinics sells, to nearly two million women each year, drugs and devices that cause chemical abortions by preventing the implantation of a human embryo into her mother's womb.

Over the course of the past few years there has also been an increase across the country in what Planned Parenthood calls "express clinics." These are vaguely disguised retail shops. Besides dispensing contraceptives, many of these Planned Parenthood-run stores do little more than sell novelties: scented lotions, vanity pill cases, etc. At the close of this year, American Life League's research found that 41 of the 858 Planned Parenthood facilities are these kinds of stores. Planned Parenthood's strategy appears to be opening more of these seemingly banal stores in the hope that it will quell public outrage of their gruesome abortion facilities. However, do not be fooled, these stores are just as much of a threat to children.

It is the public's outrage, which is caused by learning about the activities Planned Parenthood is really engaged in, that fuels the continual decline of Planned Parenthood's operations. Communities are finding out how much Planned Parenthood promotes immorality-pornography, infanticide and the rejection of God. People are learning how Planned Parenthood lies about simple truths and hides important medical information from the parents of minors.

Families wanting to protect their children from Planned Parenthood's perverse influence and Planned Parenthood's dangerous products have fought valiantly, and fruitfully to disarm Planned Parenthood all over the country. For years American Life League has offered the Plan for Defeating Planned Parenthood, a comprehensive resource on what must be done to get Planned Parenthood out of your community. Clearly Planned Parenthood knows how effective this plan is. In a recent mailing Planned Parenthood listed American Life League as one of its prime foes. Each year stories come from all over the country reporting victories through the use of this plan.

In this coming year American Life League will be calling upon people from across the country to redouble their efforts to close down every single clinic that Planned Parenthood operates. This can be achieved by going into schools and demanding that Planned Parenthood's version of sex education be removed from the curriculum and its influence kept away from your children. With one third of its income — nearly $300 million ? coming from your tax dollars, you must also continue to write your governmental representatives and insist that Planned Parenthood not receive a single cent more to continue its lethal and immoral operations. Finally, do not let a single person be left to believe Planned Parenthood's erroneous assertions that it is good for your communities; educate your family, friends and neighbors about the evil that Planned Parenthood commits every day.

American Life League promises that it will continue lead the fight against Planned Parenthood until every last clinic is closed down and every trace of its influence is gone from our schools and communities. For more information on what you can do to fight Planned Parenthood please contact American Life league and get the facts on how to defeat this business once and for all.

Release issued: 7 Dec 06