Now Prez Needs Reality Check

Kim Gandy is having a real problem dealing with the truth. She recently wrote on the subject of abortion, “The bottom line is that it's her body, so it has to be her decision. Once there's a baby, that child is entitled to support from both parents, plain and simple.” Would someone tell me at what magical moment “there’s a baby” if not at the very first moment? I don’t know about her, but most of us began at the beginning; maybe she was hatched!

In the same column, she touts the importance of a March for Peace, Justice and Democracy. She then says, regarding the war in Iraq, “Death counts are rising, support is dwindling, and our voices are growing louder every day. The warmongers can't ignore us anymore. Join us to speak out against the insanity.”

Excuse me, but Gandy does not seem to know that abortion is killing thousands every day and thus represents the bloodiest war in the history of mankind. War on preborn children is insanity, which actually makes Gandy a warmonger.

No abortion supporter has credibility parading for peace, justice or democracy. Like I said, Kim Gandy has difficulty facing reality but no problem at all with creating diversions so that others will not notice her hypocrisy.