Nothing’s sacred with Ms. Magazine abortion story

"It is beyond tragic that Ms. Magazine is encouraging women to celebrate an act of violence that has proven traumatic for millions of mothers and deadly for their innocent preborn children," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League. "Abortion does nothing positive for women. Each abortion kills a living, human being. It is disgusting that these abortion proponents are using the deaths of children in an attempt to make a statement."

The campaign waged by Ms. Magazine encourages women who have had abortions to sign a petition in order to "change the public debate" about the gruesome procedure. The petition is published in the October issue of the magazine which hits stands today. The "We Had Abortions" petition campaign takes specific aim at the South Dakota law that prohibits surgical and medical abortions in that state.

The South Dakota abortion law banning medical and surgical abortions, which is set for a referendum vote on November 7, has been a major source of contention for the pro-abortion movement. "This law speaks volumes about the fact that abortion takes the life of an innocent preborn baby and is always wrong," said Brown. "The facts are undeniable. Abortion kills preborn children ? period."

"How ironic that Eleanor Smeal (president of Ms. Magazine's publisher, the Feminist Majority Foundation) calls the situation in South Dakota 'dire,'" said Brown. "The real dire situation is when the abortionist finishes his job, it leaves a dead baby and a traumatized woman," she said, noting that the campaign also tries to diminish the physical and psychological impact abortion has had on millions of women.

Release issued: 10 Oct 06