No real help

Commentary by Marie Hahnenberg

Who are the primary teachers of our children? As an educator, I would often tell my students’ parents that, although I was their child’s classroom teacher, it is always the parents who are the primary teachers. Ideally, parents should be the ones to talk to their children about sexuality and how it is a gift from God. Planned Parenthood wants to take that right away while reassuring parents that its experts will take care of it. Planned Parenthood is once again pushing its own agenda, attempting to indoctrinate not only our children on the subject of “anything goes” sexuality, but also their parents. The organization is doing this through a program called “Real Life. Real Talk.”

“Real Life. Real Talk.” is a “social change effort” which aims to “positively change the social climate in communities by creating more open, honest, and balanced talk about sex and health.” If one wants to know how positive Planned Parenthood can be with discussing health, one only needs to take a 30-second peek at its teen web site,, to see how Planned Parenthood discusses “healthy” sexuality.

A July 31 article on Teenwire, “Foreplay 411: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Not Doing It,” describes a variety of sexual activities in great detail, encouraging masturbation and what Planned Parenthood likes to describe as “outercourse.” Is anything at all mentioned about sexual purity? No. Is there any indication that sexuality is beautiful and should be treated as a special gift? No. Planned Parenthood’s main agenda is, in fact, pushing sex upon our children, and now the organization is trying to get to the children through their own parents via 90-minute crash courses in “Sex Ed for Parents.”

In Portland, Maine, Planned Parenthood has divided these 90-minute crash courses into three parts: “Adolescent Health,” “Internet Safety for Kids” and “Healthy Sexuality…Healthy Self-Esteem.” These topics may seem very appealing and helpful; however, Planned Parenthood is known for creating an idea and making it appear appealing while using the evil, subtle tactic of including its own twisted message along with it.

If that sounds familiar, it should. It sounds very much like the way Satan, disguised as a serpent, tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. In the same fashion, Planned Parenthood, disguised as a health organization, has promoted the forbidden. Through abortion, Planned Parenthood has killed more than three million innocent children at its facilities. The organization also puts minors on birth control without parents’ knowledge, pushes pornography onto children and advances its agenda of promiscuous sex in our society. While doing all of this, Planned Parenthood continues to claim that it is a “trusted provider of health information and services.”

“Real Life. Real Talk.” uses a variety of ways to push Planned Parenthood’s sexual agenda onto our children. Not only does “Real Life. Real Talk.” hold those 90-minute crash courses, but it has also created its own radio talk show. In one edition, host Tiffany Card interviews a mother about how she began educating her children about sex. In another part of the program, the question was also asked, “Should I tell my child about waiting or birth control?” According to the “Real Life. Real Talk.” experts, parents should instruct their children to use contraception. “Talking about contraception doesn’t inspire sex; it keeps things safer,” responds one of these experts.

It isn’t surprising that parents listening to this discussion, who have been miseducated themselves, may look at a program like “Real Life. Real Talk.” and think it is a reliable source.

Planned Parenthood is teaching children how to put on a condom, discussing what type of birth control pill is best and handing out books that display pornographic illustrations of sexual activity. It is also the largest abortion provider in the country. Yet Planned Parenthood claims it is not inspiring children to actually use contraception, but that it’s just keeping things “safer.”

As you look further into the “Real Life. Real Talk.” program, you discover other Planned Parenthood programs as well. One of these programs is featured on the web site It describes a variety of workshops that Planned Parenthood puts on, one of which is “Sex Toys and Positive Sexuality.” A description of this workshop is as follows: “Talking about sex toys allows us to talk about aspects of sexuality that we often pass over: pleasure, positive sexuality, masturbation, etc. This program covers different types of sex toys, how to use them safely, safer-sex, partner and solo-sex, and how we define sexuality…” These workshops are the product of the very same “health organization” that orchestrates sex education classes at our schools.

Still, Planned Parenthood claims to be “experts.” In the “ask the experts” section of the “Real Life. Real Talk.” web site, a parent asks what to do when her 15-year-old daughter wants to sleep over at her boyfriend’s house. In response, the “expert” comments, “If you want to keep her in your life, you are going to have to let her make her own decisions. Give her your best advice, but let her know that you understand that her life is hers to live.”

Is Planned Parenthood really giving parents good advice? Absolutely not! It is telling parents that their children, who are in fact minors, are old enough to make their own decisions about sex. Instead of instilling real moral values, the organization suggests that parents give their children the freedom to do whatever Planned Parenthood says is OK. “Real Life. Real Talk.” also tries to make its workshops appealing to parents by holding “Sex Ed for Parents Parties,” another outreach for pushing the sex education agenda.

“Real Life. Real Talk.” is currently being conducted in three locations: Portland, Maine; Rockland County, New York; and Tucson, Arizona. In Rockland County, for instance, a group of pro-lifers is fighting against “Real Life. Real Talk.,” informing the community about how Planned Parenthood is not only pushing its agenda on our children, but now parents as well. Parents must take a stand against this intrusion, as they are the primary teachers of our children, not Planned Parenthood. We must get Planned Parenthood out of our schools, out of our communities-and out of our homes.

Release issued: 29 Aug 07