NFP Kills Embryos?

One scientist recently proclaimed that the "rhythm method" may kill off more embryos than "other" contraceptive methods.

Ridiculous? Of course. First of all there is no such thing these days as a "rhythm method" but rather sophisticated techniques known as natural family planning, or NFP. Further, "contraceptive methods" say no to God's gift of a child; NFP says while we might prefer not to have a child, if God blesses us with His gift, we welcome that gift of a child. Big difference.

Most important in the discussion, though, is a point made brilliantly by Dr. Mark Whitty, who wrote in a letter to the editor:

"The article fails to acknowledge the distinction between natural loss and loss caused by deliberate human intervention; common sense and every criminal law system recognise the importance of knowledge and intent in human responsibility; in particular, the fact that accidental deaths happen does not justify causing similar deaths."


I happen to think the architects of the culture of death are desperate, which is why they are now stooping to a new low by taking pot shots, based on fiction, at NFP.