New Hampshire newspaper rejects ads

"How ironic that a newspaper has chosen to reject ads that reveal the truth about Planned Parenthood's radical agenda, claiming that the content was unacceptable to print," said Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League. "If Planned Parenthood's work is so disturbing as to be unacceptable for general view in a newspaper, then why in the world are the citizens of New Hampshire forced to pay for Planned Parenthood's activities with their tax dollars? The New Hampshire Senate should take immediate action to pass Senate Bill 77 and pull all state funding from Planned Parenthood."

Sedlak's statements come on the heels of the Concord Monitor's rejection of American Life League ads that outline Planned Parenthood's radical agenda. The three ads refused by the newspaper expose Planned Parenthood's dangerous activities: scandalizing our children with so-called sex education material that is tantamount to child pornography, revealing Planned Parenthood's documented racist roots, and revealing the millions of dollars the organization has made from the blood of innocent preborn babies.

"We have found time and again that when people learn the truth about Planned Parenthood, they want to oppose the organization," said Sedlak.

Sedlak is in New Hampshire to testify at the State House today in defense of Senate Bill 77, which will deny Planned Parenthood all state funding. "Citizens of New Hampshire are joining with Americans nationwide in opposing the abortion chain," said Sedlak. "The bottom line is, Planned Parenthood sells sex to kids and kills preborn children through abortion and makes millions of dollars by doing so. It is time for Americans to stop paying for Planned Parenthood's disgusting work."

American Life League is circulating an online petition seeking an end Planned Parenthood tax funding that has been signed by thousands of people nationwide. Citizens across the state of New Hampshire are also signing the petition in growing numbers.

Release issued: 30 Jan 07