Never known? Not forgotten: 47 million dead

Commentary by Erik Whittington

On January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court declared war on my generation. The high court decided, with the infamous Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions, that a mother had a right to abort her child ? for any reason, at any point in pregnancy. Personhood was effectively stripped from preborn babies. As a result of those two infamous decisions, more than 47 million babies have been slaughtered by surgical abortion. More than one million preborn children are aborted every single year. For every two babies born in America, one is aborted. The numbers are staggering and difficult to contemplate.

On September 11, 2001 terrorists flew airplanes full of people into the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania countryside. Nearly 3,000 people were murdered. This act was horrific and, appropriately, we responded in shock. However, more 3,500 babies are aborted every day in America . That is one dead child every 24 seconds. Why isn't this action greeted with the same response? Where is the outrage? Where is the shock? Preobrn children are under attack in this country every single day.

If you were born after January 22, 1973, you are a survivor. At any time during your mother's pregnancy you could have been aborted. Most abortions in America occur on or after six weeks. At this point, you had ten fingers, ten toes, two arms, and two legs. Your heart was beating and your brain waves could be detected. You were a boy or a girl. You were exactly the person you are now ? just smaller, younger, and completely vulnerable. As survivors, we are involved in a battle ? a battle for lives. It's a fight we cannot turn our backs on.

Part of this battle to restore personhood to every human being in America involves politics. This is a statement that many Christians do not want to hear. If we don't get involved in politics, remaining on the sidelines with our "holier than thou" attitudes, then we leave a void for others to fill. Who will fill this void? The disturbing answer is that the ones who support, advocate, protect and fund the killing of thousands of babies on a daily basis in the name of "women's rights" will provide the only voice that is heard. We must stand up and act for the babies.

Does the complete answer to this enormous problem lie in politics? No, of course not; but we must get involved. We must make our voices heard. We can elect leaders who oppose the killing. We can support and vote for referendums such as the one in South Dakota that bans all surgical and medical abortions without exception. We can urge our representatives to support and pass the Right to Life Act, which provides the legal protection of personhood for each human being from the moment his life begins.

You see, ultimately abortion is not a political issue. Abortion is the killing of an innocent person's life ? period. You and I weren't "pregnancies" or "blobs." You and I weren't a "mass of cells" or "unplanned." You and I were created in the image of God, known and formed by Him, with a plan and a purpose in life. All we needed early on was love, and love was what we got. Unfortunately one-third of my generation wasn't so fortunate.

With so much death and despair it would seem that there is no reason to hope. Wrong! Hope lies in the future. Let's begin the future now. You can join thousands of other Americans in remembering the 47 million babies lost to abortion by participating in Pro-life Memorial Day this coming Monday. As the United States Supreme Court ushers in a new session on October 2, pro-lifers will send them a clear message: it is time for Roe and Doe to go. It is time for our country to embrace a Culture of Life for all persons ? born and preborn.

In coordination with Pro-Life Memorial Day, American Life League is calling on President Bush to officially recognize the first Monday of every October as National Pro-life Memorial Day. Sure this is a lofty goal, and many say is out of reach; but why? President Bush is often heard repeating his "the unborn should be welcomed into life and protected by law" mantra. We are simply asking the president to put actions behind his words.

As groups nationwide gather on Monday to commemorate the lives of the innocent, we must remember that ours are the only voices these precious children will ever have. They were denied those fundamental rights granted us in the Constitution of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The least we can do is to remember, to pray ? and to fight for an end to the killing. The babies are counting on us.

Release issued: 28 Sept 06