Nellie Gray Is Doing Just Fine!

Many of us who attended the January 22 March for Life were aware that the founder of March for Life, Nellie Gray, had fallen and appeared to be injured during the rally that preceded the March.

I am happy to report that we just heard from Nellie and she is recovering nicely. She described her fall as a serious one and said that when she fell, her glasses fell off. She writes, "The full weight of my body was thrown head-first atop my glasses, which shattered and cut my forehead seriously. I did not lose consciousness, my vision is still fine and the broken glass did not get into my eyes."

We are grateful to God that Nellie is doing well and felt that you would like to know about her progress. If you wish to send her a note expressing your appreciation for this good news and letting her know how much you love the March for Life and appreciate her efforts over these past 35 years, her address is as follows:

Nellie J. Gray
March for Life
P. O. Box 90300
Washington, DC  20090