Naral’s Cristina Page

Not too long ago I wrote a column about Ms. Page. It is entitled Anti-life nonsense.

When I first read her diatribe, which attacked me by name, and extolled the virtues of the early abortion causing morning after pill, I failed to connect the dots. But then a good friend emailed me and reminded me of something else about Ms. Page which, in a way, disturbed me even more.

You see, four years ago Cristina Page partnered with Amanda Peterman of Michigan Right to Life, and the two of them wrote an article entitled "Prolifers and prochoicers should focus on common ground." 

The article set forth situations in which, according to these two women, those who oppose abortion could work with those who promote abortion. The article recommend working on joint projects like the promotion of adoption and better health insurance coverage for "the most effective contraception methods."

Well, this is precisely the kind of rhetorical mumbo-jumbo that is keeping the pro-life movement from making great strides toward protecting each and every preborn child from death by legally protecting them as persons. You cannot on the one hand claim to be working toward personhood and on the other hand be joining forces with people who want to provide early abortion causing chemicals to women.

That's nonsense. That's an oxymoron. And frankly, that's evil. No, I am not calling Page or Peterman evil. I am calling the IDEA of collaborating with the culture of death to promote contraception evil. I cannot read the minds of these two women; who knows what they were thinking four years ago.

But I can tell you this. Page is totally committed to abortion at any time or for any reason. She is an ideologue and an architect of the culture of death. 

It is my fervent hope and prayer that Peterman has since repented of her joint effort and decided that one can never make common ground regarding any wicked proposal regardless of the "well-meaning" attitude of one's opponent.