My Baby

This guest commentary was originally published by and is used with its kind permission.

By Phil Kammer

I have always believed that our Creator has made His laws and precepts clear for all of His creation. So this thought came to mind one day …
A young woman finds herself living the typical college life: excited about her life to come and fearful of things that can go wrong. In school, she unexpectedly finds the man of her dreams and, although much in love, is panicked and fearful when she finds herself with child. She consults one of the many “family planning” businesses, and its advice seems reasonable: Protect your college education; protect your future: Have an abortion.
The young woman pauses and again her “family planning” counselor says, “It’s in your best interest; it’s merely a fetus and of no consequence.” As she ponders such assurances from a counselor who seems so caring, a date is set. And then the “procedure” is performed.
Years have now passed, guilt has faded and love has blossomed. The woman now finds herself in the deepest of love with the man of her dreams. They have a beautiful wedding with everyone there, their careers couldn’t be better and their life is grand. A great surprise has come to the newly married couple: They have now conceived a child. The young married couple could never have guessed what joy there would be in planning for a first child. A room is chosen and furnished with love. An ultrasound suggests a blue room, and joy is the order of the day.

One day, the couple decides that a slow walk in the park would be nice. But a thief lurks there in the shadows, waiting to carry out a robbery. Under a shady elm tree, he strikes. At gunpoint, he shouts, “Give me your money!” They pause; he becomes angry. Her young husband is heroic at heart, but is thrown to the ground. His young bride, still standing, bears the brunt of the thief’s anger as a single, surreal “pop” sounds under the elm tree. The young bride stands there, desperately clutching her stomach …
I end this short story here because here is where humanity takes control of the abortion debate. In life, a person chooses to be honest or not. They choose to follow the natural law – or not.

Are you an honest person?

When the young woman was in college, she was told that what was growing inside of her was just a piece of flesh – a fetus of no consequence.
When she was struck by the thief’s bullet, did she cry out, “My fetus, my fetus!” or “My baby, my baby!”?
Our Creator has endowed us with certain undeniable attributes, chief of which is that the truth is written in every human heart.

The vast majority of women will immediately respond that this woman cried out, “My baby, my baby!” Due to political conditioning, some will hesitate to answer this question. However, the truth remains: Our God-given nature tells all of us that what grows within a woman, regardless of her economic, social or political condition, is simply a baby.
I have not told this tale to play a trick, but rather to shed light on the use of the word “fetus” and how callously it is used by abortion profiteers. Many have written in defense of abortion. Most of these writings are lengthy and complicated – as intended.

Remember: The truth is simple.

Phil Kammer is an independent freelance writer, public speaker, and avid proponent of the U.S. Constitution and life’s simple truths. He earned a degree in public policy from California State University and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University. He is also the creator and owner of, a conservative web site dedicated to simple truths in American politics.