Mr. Duffy’s Reasonable Request

I have long been an admirer of pro-life activists who go about their tasks with a sense of commitment, consistency and courage. Such a man is Will Duffy, who resides in Colorado and is the founder of a new project identified as Collaborator's Project.

The purpose of this project is to use every civilized method available to convince the Weitz Construction Company not to enter into a collaborative relationship with Planned Parenthood by being the main builder of the mega Planned Parenthood abortion center in Stapleton, Colorado.

Mr. Duffy's letter to corporate executives around the country is quite well written and actually provides each of the executives with challenging questions that should be a source of soul searching prior to their moving ahead with the building project. Among Duffy's most challenging questions are these two that I accompany with my own comments (in italics):

You have no advertising banners at your abortion site, but will you and your subs advertise at future sites? 


I  wonder if Weitz is actually ashamed of being Planned Parenthood's builder!

Have you done market analysis to determine if high-end customers for condos, retirement communities, business facilities, golf courses, will be as eager to buy and lease properties that come with targeted abortion protests? 

If Weitz has the sort of business acumen that I think they do, why in the world would they risk being tainted with the ugly stain that is bound to accompany their completion of this abortion facility!

There are surely those within the pro-life community who would not use the tactic Duffy is using when dealing with a huge corporation like The Weitz Company, but if you take a moment to visit the company's web site you will see a statement that, at least to my mind, gives validity to the entire existence of the Collaborator's Project. The corporate tag line says, "Build in good company."

Well, if Planned Parenthood, the operator of the nation's largest abortion chain, is good company, then perhaps each of us should be writing to Weitz, introducing them to the gruesome, heinous truth about the good company they are considering keeping in Stapleton!