Morning-after death

It is amazing to me that the federal Food and Drug Administration has chosen to postpone any decision on the morning-after abortion pills being made available over the counter. And yes, you read me right – these pills can cause abortion and should be called what they are.

When the FDA made its announcement, I said a silent prayer of thanks that perhaps conscience actually reared his head and was heard by at least some of the FDA folks. Of course, not Susan Wood, the "high ranking" FDA official who resigned over the decision to postpone, basically because she is so committed to "advancing womens' health." Not quite since she cares not about preborn women!

There are so many adjectives describing her importance on the news report on her resignation that one is almost tempted to wonder what the agenda of the news writer was. There is no mention of health concerns associated with the pills; there is no mention of the situation that would cause mayhem if teens could not get the pills over the counter, but older women could; there is no mention of much except that Wood was "high-ranking" and "important."

But so is every human being from the moment he or she is created. Every single one of us is equally important to God.

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