Moral Blindness

I recently read various news reports about Teresa Coooper, a British mother of four.

She was carrying her fourth child and had scheduled an abortion because she was afraid that due to her ingestion of antibiotics during her pregnancy the baby might have suffered negative side effects. But after watching a pro-life video she had changed her mind and was asking the hospital staff for additional information.

But the hospital went ahead and killed her preborn child.  A court subsequently awarded her a sum of money totaling 27,000 pounds, or around $40,000.

I cannot say how astounding this is. First a price has been set on the life of an innocent child. Second, and perhaps most ghoulish is the hospital statement that "extra training has been provided and the patient pathway for the treatment improved to ensure the same thing could not happen again."

What sort of training has been engrained in the culture after 40 years of decriminalized baby killing? How little regard do we as human beings now place on the life of a preborn baby? Why have nations so easily accepted abortion as a need rather than the tragic act it is?

I suppose there are myriad reasons for this, but the single most logical reason is that we have lost, as a culture of civilized human beings, the ability to demand that our laws clearly define the differences between right and wrong. Moral relativism breeds acceptance of abortion, either total acceptance by a nation or caveats by many who described themselves as pro-life.

When is abortion not an act of murder? Perhaps it's time to say never!