Mommy, Please Don’t Kill Me!

I have read a great deal about Cynthia Tureman's act of drowning her newborn baby. It has been reported that the child reached her arms out to her mother, but Tureman did not reach back. She simply got out of the bathtub where the newborn was delivered and watched until she was certain that her baby had died.

Tureman has three living children, all of whom she loaded into her car while the body of the dead baby lay in a plastic bag in the trunk of the car. Tureman told police she did not want her husband to know that she was pregnant and that is why she drowned the child.

When I read such stories, which seem to happen with greater frequency these days than ever before, I am left with a sick feeling in my heart. What in the world has this country come to?

Pro-lifers have frequently commented on the "throw away society" that aborts millions every year, but it would seem that we are sinking even further into the pits of hell as mothers not only choose death for their preborn babies but for their newborns as well.

Shocking? Perhaps not. After all, we live in a land where "respect for life" means  whatever the individual happens to think it means at the moment.