Missing the target

When I read the latest news about pharmacist Heather Williams, who was fired by Target because she refused to fill prescriptions for abortive drugs like the morning-after pill, I was reminded of a simple, but oft overlooked fact: There are actually entire national right to life organizations in America that speak nary a peep about the scientific facts regarding the mode of action of morning-after pills. They hide behind various trumped up excuses, none of which are scientifically valid or morally defensible.

How can I say such a thing? Well, when Heather Williams was fired by Target, she told the media, “For me, life begins with two cells,” explaining that the so-called emergency contraception pill, Plan B by Barr Pharmaceuticals, often prevents implantation of a newly formed human embryo within the uterine wall – which, of course, constitutes abortion. The same mechanism is responsible for the sometimes abortifacient effect of the regular birth-control-pill.

Williams gets it; many in our own movement refuse to get it. As a result, it seems to me that the current focus on Target is erroneous; Target is certainly not as bad as the national right to life groups that would hesitate, if not outright deny the facts.

Let’s clean our own house first, fellow pro-lifers.