Misleading And Unconstructive

Pro-abortion Catholic Senator John Kerry has yet again defied all logic and lost sight of common sense. In a speech at Pepperdine University, the senator claimed that pro-life and pro-abortion forces frequently use "misleading and unconstructive" language and urged both sides to find "common ground." His stated goal is to get both sides to "be more honest about the complexity of the moral decision here."

Well, now, if that doesn't frost your cupcakes, nothing will.

These disingenuous words – spoken by a man who has defied Catholic teaching, scandalized Christ in the Holy Eucharist and challenged the bishops to a task many are unwilling to accept – ring hollow. Kerry has never been honest about his Catholic identity. He has failed to recognize that committing an abortion results in the death of a child. 

But I think he has found common ground with the devil; many of us will skip that activity, thank you. But we will pray for the senator, and for all those who are misled or scandalized by his words and actions.